A new documentary film about breaking free of our own minds.

“The secret to achieving my ideal life, wasn’t what I’d expected at all.”

In the new Documentary Cogitare, Josh exposes our brain’s automated patterns. Patterns that secretly control our lives, keeping us stuck.

Josh’s inspiring story of depression, near suicide and his study of the brain will empower us all. Cogitare gives each of us the tools to rewire our own brains and regain control of our future.

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“I believe we can all have a life we love,
with some simple reprogramming.”

Together we’ll uncover the answers to these three questions:

Why do our brains work against us?

Why does our brain have automated functions that are harmful and can hold us back in life?

How does this control our progress?

How can our lives be limited by these automated brain functions?

What can we do to break free finally?

What tools do we already possess and how can we use them to beat our brain?

 cōgitāre – latin meaning:

” To ponder or think “

Currently shooting on location in Brazil.

We’ve decided to shoot half of Cogitare in Brazil for several beautiful reasons. In addition to being a special place for Josh, nature’s fantastic backdrop here has been absolutely incredible. From Brazil’s striking mountain tops to its lush green rain forests to its warm deep blue waters. The rich culture and delightful people make this part of the world a supportive and uplifting place to live and shoot.

After two and a half months in Brazil, Cogitare moves to its next global destination, Tulum, Mexico. Another spiritually compelling and beautiful backdrop to tell our story. Tulum also holds a special place in Josh’s heart too, and we’re excited to relocate the shoot there soon. Follow the shoot on instagram below.


Days on location in Brazil

Shots & counting...

Months shooting in the US, Brazil & Soon Mexico

Mosquito bites & counting

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